• Venezia


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    Venice - an exceptional city whose charm won the admiration of artists such as: Petrarch, Dante, Wagner and Verdi.The city’s unique urban complex confirms that the art of Renaissance architecture was born and further developed here. In Venice, everyone is sure to find a breathing space and a true feast to the senses.
    These unique, and worth immortalising, experiences have inspired us to create Venezia decorative stone. The veneer, owing to its irregular and raw texture, perfectly conveys the character of Venetian labyrinths, for which water is the natural setting. This characteristic makes Venezia perfect for any given bathroom -- regardless of the space available.
    The Venezia decorative stone will represent a designer touch in your home SPA, transforming ordinary moments into truly sensational experiences. With it, you’ll be able to travel to the charming Venetian alleys, sunbathed plazas, and with just the right lightning it’ll become the stage for the eternal play of light and shadow